Tanya Johnson's exhibition makes one question what is real and what is not. more

Apr 23, 2017 11:42 AM EXHIBITIONS

The Vancouver School of photoconceptualism seems oddly absent from "Photography in Canada: 1960-2000" at the National Gallery of Canada. more

Apr 9, 2017 5:49 PM EXHIBITIONS 1 Comments

Howie Tsui’s tour de force exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery is a fascinating fusion of characters and tropes from the world of wuxia – Chinese martial arts fantasy fiction – with events from Hong Kong history and politics. more

Apr 9, 2017 5:23 PM EXHIBITIONS

This playful show carries dark poetic metaphors about environmental destruction. more

Mar 26, 2017 11:42 AM EXHIBITIONS

Toronto artist Derek Sullivan unbinds books from their traditional form and usage. more

Mar 12, 2017 6:09 PM EXHIBITIONS

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