DAVID BOLDUC: "Five Decades," Paul Kuhn Gallery, Calgary, April 18 to May 16, 2015


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Bolduc, Five Decades

Have always been ravished by Bolduc's wonderful paintings, wish I could see this show. Is there a catalogue? I suspect and hope that Bolduc's reputation will slowly but surely grow in the future, a la David Milne, and his work will be ultimately treasured. Thanks Paul Kuhn, thanks Jeffrey Spalding, for moving things in that direction: a museum retro is the next step.

Pierre Coupey more than 2 years ago

Thanks from Jeffrey,

Thanks Pierre and D. MacLean for your supportive comments. Pierre we could also stand to see your work on view a little more frequently too. I agree entirely with you that a museum retrospective is in order. It is not however the next step. If museums won't exhibit a single picture, then which of them will devote an entire floor to a solo show? There are many fine things on view to be experienced at the nation's art museums. However their are huge anomalies and disparities. As one staggering example,The Art Gallery of Ontario owns an outstanding Mark Rothko painting. it is benched; it has been off view for a decade or more. Then good luck waiting for them to ever put on view works they own by Hans Hoffmann, Ellsworth Kelly, never mind Bolduc's own "Marcus Garvey" from their collection. As I said, they and other museums show us some outstanding things. But in the rush to be 'current' many things have entirely disappeared from view at our museums. So the next step is not to wait for a Bolduc museum retrospective. The next step is for art museum members to lobby their own museums on behalf of exhibiting the type of art they admire and long to see. Otherwise museum curators can go on auto-pilot and presume that their selections are natural and the evident correct choices. Give them a little pressure. Otherwise, Vancouver is destined to see primarily a certain group of photo conceptualists and dada-constructivist inspired sculpture, while the rest of the west coast arts community languishes. They are after all 'public' art museums, particularly their members should voice their desires and interests. Have you ever been to an annual general meeting of a public art museum? Often very few members attend; they become administrative rubber stamp exercises to ratify financial reports and sanction a slate of internally generated ordained members of the board. Get involved, be respectful, but it wouldn't hurt to be persistent. Once upon a time women, First Nations and diverse ethnicities were not well reflected by our museums. They wouldn't dream of that today. So why not let them know the artists or types of art you long to see. It isn't an affront to their professional decisions. It is your right and responsibility to help shape what the ‘history of art’ will look like; not just to accept whatever you are given as self-evident.

Galleries West more than 2 years ago


Thank you Jeff for a long over due comment on the wonderful exploration of paint by David Bolduc, he was a "spark" in Canadian painting of the past decades, he like so many others does not deserve to be over looked. The more the Canadian art can be seen and known the better it is for all of us, this article only re - iterates the fact of great art in this country needs attention. Thanks to Paul Kuhn for "exploring", and Jeff for "seeing".

DMacLean more than 2 years ago