MINDY YAN MILLER: "Feed," Art Gallery of Swift Current, Jan. 10 to March 1, 2015


Art Gallery of Swift Current

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Mon to Wed 1 - 5 pm and 7 - 9 pm, Thurs to Sun 1 - 5 pm. Closed between exhibitions, statutory holidays, and Sundays in Jul and Aug.


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Spalding review of Feed

I’m one of those who likes the waste and the riches: Arte Povera and Devon cream – but that just bolsters Spalding’s astute observation that this work works, whether you’re pleb or other.

Marcus Miller more than 2 years ago

Thanks from Jeffrey

Thanks Marcus, I'm looking forward to seeing this work presented 'farther afield'; I think we can agree that it deserves it. Allow me to take this opportunity to qualify my comments upon the excellent catalogue essay by Lisa Baldissera. Her cogent arguments and views 'dresses' the project in a cloak that is more palatable to much of the art institutional thinking that is prevalent. That is appropriate, laudable and very necessary. I'm all for Geoffrey Farmer and the qualities of his art who is receiving much deserved attention. There are points of confluence with the attitudes and approaches taken by Yan Miller However,it will take linguistic finesse such as exercised by Lisa Baldissera to reassure the art bureaucrats that outstanding work such as this by Yan Miller is of value not solely as a regional reflection but as a powerful observation and experience that can be appreciated worldwide. It should have been in the Canadian Biennial, ...and maybe it just may be next time.

Galleries West more than 2 years ago