Ron Stonier (1933 - 2001)

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I remember Ron talking about these paintings and the colour bands and coupling. The coupling referring also to the different effects as the bands touched. Standing in front of one of these paintings one can sense this in a way that is different than seeing this small facsimile.

Eldon Underhill more than 3 years ago

5 Band "Coupled" painting was rare

Ron usually painted 4 bands in his paintings in this series, which were called "Coupled," not "Couples," as you have mistakenly written.

DanGoorevitch more than 3 years ago

Stonier 'bands' versus 'stripes'

A reader notes: "Your review of Ron Stonier is in error. He didn't paint stripes. He called them bands. The bands related to bodily sensations."

Tom Tait more than 3 years ago


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