"Entwined Histories: The Maisie Hurley Collection," January 23 to August 23, 2011, North Vancouver Museum


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I am the Director of the North Vancouver Museum and would like to speak with you about your interest in Maisie Hurley and your offer to give us a box that Mrs. Hurley gave to Ellen White. Please contact me at your convenience.
Nancy Kirkpatrick
604-990-3700 ext 8001

Nancy Kirkpatrick more than 3 years ago

Masie Hurley

Hi, I assume you are the curator Janet, and just wanted to say how much I loved the show; I have been teaching and writing about the Native Voice and Ms. Hurley for years. In the early years I worked with Ellen White (nee Rice, Kuper Island) who was married to Doug White Sr. (Bob and White case). Ellen knew everybody from those early years, and knowing my love of NWC Aboriiginal art, culture and history, and my own instructional work in the 'friends of the Indian', she gave me a small metal box that M. Hurley had given her. And although I really appreciated the gift, I would be happy to contribute the gift to your exhibit collection - if it is going to stay together - if you'd like. best, Marcia

Marcia Crosby PhD Candidate, UBC; Native Studies Instructor (retired), VIU; writer and curator more than 3 years ago


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