JOHN WILL: Into the Void


Jarvis Hall Gallery + Fine Frames

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Tues to Sat 11 am - 6 pm or by appointment


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As usual, John has borrowed an idea from me, which dates back to almost a century ago when I was one of his students. I particularly remember that evening in The Brass Ring during one of his more intellectual critiques of work that I was planning to do, which I could sum up as: 'How do you expect to succeed doing nothing?' I responded with a famous phrase from my Great Uncle Elmer Heidegger (Martin's half-wit brother whose existence he never acknowledged except to say 'he's buggerall compared to me'): "It is better to do nothing well than to be a bad sign painter". John has obviously worked long and hard to live up to those words of wisdom, which I saw him writing on the back of a beer coaster when he thought I wasn't watching.

G 'Gorezone' Trick more than 4 years ago

nothin really

This is all for naught!

a mackay more than 4 years ago


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