IN MY OPINION: Art auctions can have chilling effect on the livelihood of artists and gallerists



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Art Auctions

I think it is about time that the wealthy class (doctors, lawyers administrators etc.) started buying artists work and donating it to these fundraisers. They would enjoy the benefit of supporting their favorite artist and the cause. It would let the underpaid artist off the hook and focus on those best able to help .

Bill Barnie more than 3 years ago

Art Auctions

For many years now I have watched the path or wagon rut to my door grow deeper and more pronounced. I have been a professional and selling painter for too many years to count but in all those years I have grossed very little and netted even less still from my work. I am not a person who applies for grants so I take on jobs or all sorts from teaching to merchandising to direct sale shows to try to make a meagre living. Many if not all of the groups that approach me for donations of art for their fundraisers are already getting annual grants the size of which are dauntingly huge to someone like me who is lucky to see that much money over a period of a decade or a lifetime.

Many many times I have suggested that the best solution is to find businesses who wish to sponsor the fundraiser - then ask them to BUY the art they want for auction from the originating artist. Then the businesses can in their turn DONATE the piece to the fundraiser. But I guess most people feel less intimidated by the artist so approach directly for the donation. Often I ask for a charitable receipt but most have not even heard of one of those apparently.

So now I just say no.

Thanks for this article - maybe people will be more aware in future

Heidi Hehn more than 3 years ago

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