Galleries West Digital is an online magazine published every second Tuesday to promote and advance the visual arts. Launched on November 22, 2016, it replaces the print version of Galleries West magazine, which covered art and artists in Western Canada for 15 years. Our award-winning website,, the repository for all content, is an open archive of information about the arts in communities large and small throughout Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columba as well as Yukon and the Northwest Territories.

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Full-page                     2048 pixels     1536   pixels

ENHANCED Listings are about 50 words including hours of business. They should be written in third person and avoid superlatives and 'glittering generalities'.


Ad spaces should be booked as early as possible because available space is limited.

Ad material should be supplied at least three weeks prior to the date of publication. 

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  • There are 'Advertising Deadlines' and then there are 'Advertising Deadlines'. You smile, but it's the truth. We pride ourselves in being able to accommodate any situation. But it's in your best interest to avoid the infamous 'Drop Dead' date.
  • If we are working with you to help build your ad (part of our complimentary service), it's important to leave ample time for the creative concept to be fine-tuned and for proofs to move back and forth so there are no glitches in the final ad. Attaching blame (no matter to whom or how accurately) does not correct an incorrect ad.
  • It's not just about getting the ad right, it's also about placing your ad in the best possible position for maximum impact while maintaining a pleasing look in the magazine. As you know, time for curatorial reflection is very valuable whether in a gallery or laying out a magazine.


Ads should be supplied as jpg or gif format in the specified size. Submissions should include the appropriate link for the ad.

Ads should be uploaded directly to: