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Reaching Out? Here’s How

(in Six Easy FAQs)!

1. When should I contact Galleries West Digital?

Let us know what’s happening early. We generally assign writers to produce cover stories a month before an exhibition opens, but sometimes we slot in covers even earlier. So let us know about your best projects well before they open. Much of our coverage relates to gallery exhibitions, but we’ll consider other projects too.

2. What do you need to know about exhibitions?

• The names of artists, unless it’s a big group show.

• Opening and closing dates.

• The show’s title.

• A brief description explaining the premise of the show.

• Short bios of the artists and/or a link to their websites.

3. What’s the best format for sending information?

Please send information in the main body of an email or as an attached Word document that’s easy to copy and paste. We don’t have time to retype information from other formats.

4. How can we improve the odds for coverage?

Provide a great image! Galleries West Digital is navigated visually so a strong image of interesting work gets our attention.

5. What are the image requirements?

We prefer jpegs at least 630 (h) x 1,000 (w) pixels, which usually means a file of about 1 MB. Our standard captions are: artist’s name, title of work, year, medium, size in Imperial or duration, and any credits. When you provide a list of works, do make sure we can figure out which caption goes with each image. Dropbox or WeTransfer to works well for us. Large images sent by email sometimes go astray.

6. Why do you say no?

We get a lot of requests and can’t say yes to everything. If we’ve just done a story about the artist – or covered a similar show – we might look for something different. We also try to rotate coverage among galleries and geographic regions, so everyone eventually gets some coverage. We need to find writers who know art, which can be challenging in some remote areas. We also need to be confident that we’ll get a great image to go with the story.

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