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Guidelines for Writers

Galleries West Digital welcomes queries from writers. Most of our articles relate to artists with an upcoming gallery exhibition in Western Canada and the North, although we occasionally commission articles on more general themes. Galleries West Digital typically publishes six articles every two weeks. Our cover stories of 800 words usually feature a major exhibition, and there are five other items of current interest, including previews and reviews of exhibitions. We also publish a regular news roundup. We commission articles at three standard lengths: 200 words, 400 words and 800 words. Articles remain permanently accessible on the main website at

Occasional reviews of major shows involving Western artists elsewhere in Canada or abroad are also published.

Reviewers should concisely explain exhibition premise and situate the work, while also describing the visual experience and offering a critical response. We prefer to publish reviews of shows that are still open for viewing.

We look for:

- Writing sophisticated enough to engage art professionals but accessible to a general audience interested in the arts. 

- Timely topics with a strong angle that will interest readers.

- Engaging writing about artists we have not covered extensively in recent years (check the alphabetical artist database at 

- Stories that represent a range of galleries in communities across Western Canada.

- Articles with a dynamic opening (we post the first 200 words on Galleries West Digital with a link to the full article on the main website). 

- Previously published writers or promising emerging writers with a strong sense of craft and a solid knowledge of the visual arts. 

Writers are expected to inform Galleries West of any potential conflicts of interest.

Send queries to editor@galleries Include a brief statement explaining what you want to write, with links to relevant websites. If you have not worked with Galleries West before, please include a paragraph describing your experience in writing and the visual arts, and attach PDFs or links to two samples of your writing. It’s not possible to respond to every query, but we review all submissions.

Portia Priegert