9 May 2017

09 May 2017

Galleries West Digital 

Vol 2 No 10   ISSN 2561-3316

Editor: Portia Priegert

Contributors:  Beverly Cramp, Paul Gessell, Karen Quinn

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Calligraphy, the art of fine writing, is more than beautiful penmanship as a show at UBC's Museum of Anthropology demonstrates. more


Love, lust and violence are coming to the Winnipeg Art Gallery, thanks to the innovative, volatile and philandering Pablo Picasso. more


James Wyper says the purpose of an artist is to ground consciousness in reality. more


Saskatchewan artist Linda Duvall finds no shortage of people who want to spend time with her in a hole in the ground. more


Stepping into this retrospective exhibition at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria is like turning back the clock. more


Valerie Butters' work, including four large floral paintings on view at the Pousette Gallery in Vancouver, is intuitive and gestural. more