Avenue Gallery

Valerie Butters' work, including four large floral paintings on view at the Pousette Gallery in Vancouver, is intuitive and gestural. more

May 8, 2017 10:17 AM ART TO COLLECT

Tobias Luttmer’s sculptures of owls, foxes and other wild creatures are unusual hybrids. Luttmer combines different materials, often stainless steel and wood, to create interesting contrasts between warm and cool or rough and smooth surfaces. more

Dec 31, 2015 7:01 AM ART TO COLLECT

The accomplished realism of Ron Parker’s recent western landscapes is all the more impressive considering he started using oil paints only last year. more

Apr 20, 2014 12:00 AM ART TO COLLECT

"Eagle Perch"

Courtesy Avenue Gallery

In a recent conversation, Heather Wheeler at Victoria’s Avenue Gallery picked up on a trend of collectors becoming more interested in historical Canadian painters, other than the Group of Seven. more

Aug 31, 2011 12:00 AM ART TO COLLECT

In "Terra Nocturna," the artist’s latest paintings offer an uncommon theme — landscape paintings of nature at night. more

Apr 30, 2007 12:00 AM PREVIEWS

Graham Forsythe’s vibrant paintings display a palpable sense of enthusiasm about life. The excitement captured on canvas mirrors a life full of creating and reaching for something more. more

Aug 31, 2005 12:00 AM PREVIEWS

Linda Brock paints faces, not portraits. It is the mood of her subjects - not their likeness - that interests her. more

Apr 30, 2003 12:00 AM PREVIEWS



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