Dick Averns

Dick Averns is an artist, educator and writer. The first non-fiction writer deployed as an official Canadian war artist, he has taught at the University of Calgary, the Alberta University of the Arts and UBC.

Update your files – there's a new name for the non-profit group formerly known as Visual Arts Alberta – CARFAC. It's now known simply as CARFAC Alberta. Read more


Frontline trench art and Red Cross from the home front quilts reveal creative articulations of battle-hardened relationships. Read more


Timely and compelling work by Indigenous artists from the North reflects on language, sovereignty and the land. Read more


Martin Bennett's first solo exhibition in Calgary since 2011 offers layered takes on art history and reproduction technologies. Read more


A group show at the Herringer Kiss Gallery in Calgary embraces winter’s short days with a focus on darkness. Read more


U.S. President Donald Trump’s proposed barrier with Mexico prompted a show at the Illingworth Kerr Gallery in Calgary. Read more


The show, with upwards of 100 pieces, many laden with detail and cryptic narratives, is an imaginative trove, much of which may confound as much as it beguiles. Read more


Bill Viola, "Walking on the Edge," 2012

Courtesy of Bill Viola Studio and James Cohan Gallery, New York.

Fusi says he knew the artists and their work before moving this year to Calgary, but once confronted with Alberta’s landscape and art history, connected the contemporaneous tendencies in how they address landscape and art. And so the show was born. Read more


Entrance to MashUp exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery

Photo by Dick Averns

The creative practice of mashup, inventive art forms that use wide-ranging materials and processes from across cultures, has become increasingly widespread since the 1990s. Read more


"Arctic Adaptations: Nunavut at 15"

Photo: Greg Gerla

Many Canadians take pride in the Arctic yet few folks ever travel there. Similarly, many art world followers celebrate the Venice Biennale but don’t attend or experience the work. Read more


If you didn’t get to the vast survey of contemporary Canadian art at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, organized by American curator Denise Markonish in 2012, there’s now an opportunity to see it in Western Canada. Read more


When I first viewed Chris Cran’s paintings in a survey show at the Kelowna Art Gallery in 1998, something pricked my senses. It was not just his adroitness and competency working at large scale. Read more


Lindsay Knox, "Poem for a Homebody", 2009

Photo: Dick Averns

Choosing the right approach for a premiere exhibition in any new facility is a hard task, and it is refreshing that Esker didn’t opt for contemporary art stars or a blockbuster show from the historical canon. Read more

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