Fall/Winter 2014 issue

Fall/Winter 2014 issue - 620x820

Galleries West

Vol 13 No 3    ISSN No. 1703-2806

Editor: Portia Priegert

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Looking at Julian Forrest’s work is like flipping through a collection of short stories. His paintings feel like magic realism, surreal tableaux frozen in ambiguous time and opaque settings. It’s easy to yearn for a unifying narrative. more


The Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Photo by Aaron Cohen.

The new Canadian Museum for Human Rights looks almost like something from a sci-fi movie with its undulating glass-wrapped base topped by a 23-storey pinnacle, the so-called Tower of Hope. more



Collection of Mendel Art Gallery.

Two public galleries are mounting special exhibitions this year to celebrate milestone anniversaries – the Art Gallery of Alberta turns 90, while the Mendel Art Gallery in Saskatoon is 50. more


The Art Gallery of Alberta has chosen 42 artists for "Future Station", next year’s instalment of the Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art. more


"Marble statue of Hermes"

Collection of Antikensammlung, Staatliche Museen Zu Berlin. Photo by Johannes Laurentius.

A major show of Greek and Roman gods and goddesses – "Olympus: The Greco-Roman Collections of Berlin" – will open at the Winnipeg Art Gallery in April. more


Robert Archambeau, Brenda Draney and Shaira (S.D.) Holman receive awards. more


Featuring Alexandra Montgomery, a former executive director of Toronto’s Gardiner Museum, and curators Helen Delacretaz and Paul Butler. more


"Domination of the World"

Photo by Andre Morin.

“We are at a moment of re-evaluation of culture,” says Beloufa, whose show, Counting on People, opens Nov. 8 at the centre’s Walter Phillips Gallery. more


Canada House Gallery, which has represented Inuit art for the last 40 years, shows new graphic work from Dorset on Baffin Island. more


Min Ma taught art in China before moving to Canada, where he paints everything from landscapes to portraits. more


"Sleep 1-4"

City of Burnaby Permanent Art Collection. Photo by Scott Massey.

Vancouver-based artist Eli Bornowsky exhibits paintings, prints and drawings with a range of contradictions: the scientific and the intuitive, the hard-edged and the handmade, the intellectual and the spiritual. more


Edmonton-born painter Medrie MacPhee, who has tackled everything from industrial sites to hybrid species of the future, considers dislocation in physical and psychological space. more


"Suite #3: Spin, Drift, Pool, Settle"

Verna Vogel

Verna Vogel, who is showing with fellow Calgary artist Amy Dryer, incorporates sewing into her art, stitching bits of burlap and other fabric into paintings that respond to the urban environment. more


Alison Hiltner views herself as a sci-fi archeologist who explores films and video games for narratives she can intertwine with aspects of scientific reality. more


Biliana Velkova’s exhibition, "Splendid", includes three large-format photographs that reflect on the ways commerce shapes tourism, national identity and understandings of nature. more


From "Holding Our Breath"

Photo by Henri Robideau, grunt gallery.

Adrian Stimson’s installation "Sandbox" is chilling. The Saskatoon-based artist, a member of the Siksika (Blackfoot) Nation in southern Alberta, has created an ordinary-looking children’s sandbox. more



Photo: Larry Glawson.

When viewing the early prints of Sheila Butler, it’s easy to see her love for a swimmer’s choreography. "Dive", for example, describes the fluid motion of figures moving through water. more


"Other Worlds"

Photo: Toni Hafkenscheid.

Call him Douglas. And while his great blue-and-white whale won’t tip the scales on Moby Dick, at 43 feet in length it captures something of the cetacean’s behemoth proportions. more


"Oak Tree Red Bluff (1-8)"

Courtesy: Rennie Collection, Vancouver. Photo: Blaine Campbell.

Gallery insiders were calling it The Season of Rodney even a year ago, when plans for a trio of solo Rodney Graham exhibitions were just shaping up. more


Vancouver artist Bill Anderson leverages the interpretive potential of digital imagery as he explores the boundary between photography and abstraction. more