Group of Seven

Joanie McGuffin holds a copy of a Lawren Harris painting, "Island Lake Superior"

Photo: ©Gary McGuffin.

For the last few years, art historian Michael Burtch, along with two friends, Joanie and Gary McGuffin, have been exploring picturesque spots in Northern Ontario, trying to retrace trips that artists from the Group of Seven made almost a century ago. Read more


It was one of the largest public art projects in Canadian history. Between 1942 and 1963, a series of more than 100 silkscreen prints by 54 of the country’s top artists – including members of the Group of Seven and their associates. Read more


Canada’s Group of Seven painted a spirited wilderness strikingly different from the then-popular pastoral landscapes. The group found inspiration in the work of Tom Thomson, who died in 1917 while urging his friends to create a Canadian aesthetic. Read more