Iain Baxter&

The MacKenzie and New Dance Horizons present "Re: Celebrating the Body," featuring a season of programming focused on the body, abilities, and the joy of movement. more


"Landscape with Mountains and Crescent Moon"

Courtesy TrépanierBaer Gallery.

My first encounter with an IAIN BAXTER& artwork was at the Art Gallery of Ontario in the late 1970s. This witty but insightful piece, I was to learn later, came from his "Bagged Landscape" series of the mid-1960s. more


In 1979 IAIN BAXTER& - the &MAN made an etching in an edition of 10 with the famous San Francisco-based print publisher Crown Point Press. more


Glenbow Museum has produced a unique companion to the "1n40rmat10n" exhibition -- a digital publication stored on a reusable USB flash drive card. more

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If you’re in the mood to see the very best in contemporary Canadian art, be prepared to head south. more

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