Michael Harris

"Oak Tree Red Bluff (1-8)"

Courtesy: Rennie Collection, Vancouver. Photo: Blaine Campbell.

Gallery insiders were calling it The Season of Rodney even a year ago, when plans for a trio of solo Rodney Graham exhibitions were just shaping up. more


"Ramble On"

Courtesy of Catriona Jeffries Gallery, Vancouver.

Myfanwy MacLeod’s solo show at the Vancouver Art Gallery is titled "Myfanwy MacLeod or There And Back Again" – which may be an explicit reference to the subtitle of J.R.R. Tolkien’s "The Hobbit." more

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The captivating collection of paintings that makes up Natalka Husar’s "Burden of Innocence: Act 2 and Act 3" make use of Lomography and Istagram extensively. more


Scott McFarland, “Corner of the Courageous, Repatriation Ceremony for Private Tyler William Todd, Grenville St., Toronto, Ontario, April 14, 2010”

Courtesy of Scott McFarland and Monte Clark Gallery Vancouver / Toronto

When a Canadian soldier dies in Afghanistan, his or her body (if there is a body left) is repatriated at a ceremony on Toronto’s Grenville Street. A mixed lineup of militia, firefighters, and onlookers salutes the fallen soldier’s return. more


What child, on realizing a leaf from the fern frond is a miniature of the larger thing, doesn’t stare a little in wonder? more


"Panopticon: 103 Views of the Scotia Bank Tower" (detail)

Collection of the Surrey Art Gallery

The city of Surrey, no longer a cross-eyed suburb next to Vancouver’s “real” urbanity, is engaged in a serious course of citymaking. It is spending nearly three billion dollars on a series of projects all within a stone's throw of each other. more


I remember the first time I saw Isabelle Hayeur’s "Fire with Fire" video installation. A four storey building seemingly ablaze, with projected flames filling the windows of the top three floors, best viewed from Vancouver’s Eastings. more


Harrison has focused his brief and bright career on a self-reflective study of artists as creators (a large and memorable print in 2004 pictured nine students at their easels, packed around a still-life subject). more


An artist is always double. Reece Terris has gone a long way to reconciling his doubleness. A contractor by day, he remodels homes in the Vancouver area — tearing out rose-coloured bathtubs and stripping mouldering Formica. more