Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

The fate of a 1779 painting by French artist Jacques-Louis David has evolved into a controversy pitting Quebec nationalism against the federally owned National Gallery of Canada. more

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The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts expresses its sadness at the March 3 death of Jacqueline Desmarais. more


The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and the Michaëlle Jean Foundation bring together some 100 lecturers, artists, researchers and organizations for a national conversation on the power of art from Feb. 16 to Feb. 18, 2018. more


The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA) is proud to announce that in 2017, 1,323,837 people visited its installations, exhibitions and collections, in addition to enjoying a wide range of activities. more


An exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts looks at the Western film genre and its impact on the visual arts. more


Artist Charles Joseph (1959) of the Kwakiutl Nation of the West Coast of Canada unveiled his work Residential School Totem Pole to be raised in the ancestral territory of Kanien’keha:ka. more


These works, given by the Cirque du Soleil, consist of Untitled (Schooner and Fireworks), 2012, a monumental installation over 635 cm in diameter, and Explosion Panorama (2013), a panoramic photograph enhanced with coloured inks (76 cm x 238 cm). more


“New Perspectives on a Canadian Icon” is an ambitious show that is not so much about Carr’s art as it is about the shifting ground from which it is viewed. more