Mother Tongue Publishing

Fascinating imagery and top-notch design make it hard to resist art books. But it's often challenging for publishers to turn a profit. more


The ninth book in the series "The Unheralded Artists of B.C.," released last fall, was "The Life and Art of Mary Filer" by Christina Johnson-Dean. Filer, who died in 2016, was a glass artist. more


The unheralded artist series by Mother Tongue Publishing on Salt Spring Island keeps chugging along with the recent release of a seventh book, "The Life and Art of Harry and Jessie Webb." more


“In any creative world there is energy around stars and the art world is very small,” says writer and publisher Mona Fertig. more


"The Life and Art of George Fertig:" book cover from the "Unheralded Artists of B.C." series.

John Cameron

The Life of Art of George Fertig is the third book in the Unheralded Artists of BC series founded by Mona Fertig and her husband, Peter Hasse. more