Nel Kwiatkowska

Nel with Portrait

Interested in commissioning an experienced and internationally-recognized artist to create an ageless fine art gift? Portraits, architecture, animals, landscapes and any other subject of interest to you could be captured and transformed in a creative way. Paintings can be done from photos or a session arranged at the studio.

Nel Maria Kwiatkowska was born in Poland, received a formal education at University of Warsaw, and since 1991 she resides in Canada.

Nel works in diverse media and techniques: from paintings in oil, inks and watercolors to pencil and pastel drawings to freestanding and relief sculpture. Her artistic talent expressed itself early in her childhood with pencil and paper. An adventure with figurative drawing and painting started with portraits of famous composers and scientists.

Her techniques gradually diversified to include oil, ink and watercolors. Her affection for horses resulted in numerous equine drawings. Chopin's music called her on a journey to retrace his footsteps. An impressive variety of themes followed.

After her daughter moved out, the longing for her child led her to do her first sculpture -- a portrait in clay.

Kwiatkowska’s lifelong devotion to art has enabled her to develop a unique style. She says, " I strive to avoid traps of formulas and conformity. Purity and autonomy of my style is very important to me."   Nel Kwiatkowska's artworks may be found in private and corporate collections.

Victoria, Briish Columbia

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