Nickle Galleries

Calgary artist Walter May’s retrospective at the University of Calgary offers a rare glimpse of his quirky and prolific practice. more


Calgary artist Mark Dicey prepares for a major hometown show at the Nickle Galleries that reflects on his many interests – from painting and collage to installation and performance. more

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"The Writing on the Wall," a retrospective on view at the Nickle Galleries in Calgary until Dec.16 honours Joane Cardinal-Schubert’s many contributions. more


Helen Mackie has always been interested in biology and nature – a fascination that translated into myriad of prints throughout her 40-year career as an artist. more


A show at the Nickle Galleries in Calgary unbraids the history of hooked rugs in Canada. more


DaveandJenn are among the first generation of artists to grow up with the Internet. The qualities of possibility, hierarchal collapse and unendingness inherent in the web are their natural milieu. more


Ron Moppett, "Scultpur(al)", 2015

Photo: Dave Brown, LCR Photo Services, University of Calgary

This survey of Calgary artist Ron Moppett’s work from 1972 to 2015 includes 39 installational works. Moppett is widely known and liked as a maker of vibrant, multi-paneled paintings with strong narrative elements. more


If you didn’t get to the vast survey of contemporary Canadian art at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, organized by American curator Denise Markonish in 2012, there’s now an opportunity to see it in Western Canada. more


The Marion Nicoll retrospective last year in the Nickle Galleries at the University of Calgary is one of a spate of recent exhibitions that has reconsidered the modernist history of Western Canada. more


"Plant specimens collected in the 1940s by amateur botanist Jacques Henry"

Photo: M. N. Hutchinson

For a group of Alberta artists, it was an intriguing opportunity to explore France’s turbulent history through the lens of a centuries-old Normandy chateau. more


Calgary artist Bill Rodgers did something unusual in 1992. He went back to works he had made between 1978 and 1989 and began to scrape down and paint over them. more


"Shirvan pictorial carpet" (1882-1883) with a partial view of Greg Payce’s "Albedo"


When entering the Nickle Arts Museum’s first gallery, I was immediately confronted with a large-scale triptych with three skeletal humanoid forms on each side panel. more


“I like to think of the early years as thesis,” Ted Godwin says. “The late 1950s and mid 1960s were times of big dreams and breaking temples." more


The exhibition features 43 pieces by 30 craft artists working in a range of media, from textiles to clay to jewelry. more


William Eakin lives and works in Winnipeg's historic Exchange District. Eakin takes everyday life as his subject matter, examining the intersections of art and popular culture. more


Located at the intersection of art and science, new media art escapes convention. Here's a brief look at how Reva Stone, Paul Wong, Shelley Ouellet and Risa Horowitz are escaping the traditional boundaries of conventional art. more