Open Space Gallery

Kegan McFadden becomes Executive Director of the artist-run centre located in downtown Victoria effective November 1, 2017. more


Rebecca Jewell "Cockatoo and Crowned Pigeon"

Courtesy Alcheringa Gallery

I was knocked over by a feather recently when I did a quick tour through Victoria’s galleries. Well, several feathers, actually – the work of British artist Rebecca Jewell at Alcheringa. more


As the country watched news of the Calgary flood last June, dramatic pictures and reports confirmed that Stride Gallery, one of the city’s oldest artist-run centres, had been caught in the fast-flowing water. more


Contemporary Art Turns Over a New Leaf in the City of Flowers. more


With the assistance of the people of Victoria, Nhan Duc Nguyen has been constructing a shrine to the ancient spirit guide Lao Noi Kieu, who influences matters of citizenship and nationhood. more