Petley Jones Gallery

Petley Jones Gallery returns to its former location at 2245 Granville Street, re-opening Feb. 1. They will exhibit art and provide art services at this new retail location. Read more


Amelia Alcock-White has a thing about water. Her work is awash in its myriad swirls and waves, from earlier paintings of people swimming in aqueous surrounds to her current, more serene, work. Read more



Photo by R.Sarrat-Cave.

Andra Ghecevici explores notions of trespass as she reconsiders landscape traditions in Transcendence, a collection of paintings and charcoal drawings on canvas. Read more


After successfully introducing his families of sock monkeys in a show last fall at Vancouver’s Petley Jones Gallery, Thomas Anfield returns to the gallery October 16 to 31. Read more


Llewellyn Petley-Jones moved to Horseshoe Bay in the early 1950s, when it was little more than a settlement of scattered cottages around a small marina, a considerable journey north from downtown Vancouver. Read more


Painter Darrell Underschultz uses his passion for 18th- and 19th-century landscapes in his contemporary art practice. His new works, at a dual exhibition with Lynda Kirby in April, will continue the theme. Read more


Many different words have been used to describe the paintings and drawings of Duncan Regehr — figurative, representational, theatrical, and work that bends perspectives and stretches space. Read more