We round up the year’s best reads on Canadian art for our second annual book issue. Read more


In his new book, John K. Grande interviews artists around the world who work in and with nature. It’s time, he says, for contemporary art to reconcile with the natural world. Read more


Gentle and introverted, Veronica Funk seems anything but nasty. But troubled by Donald Trump's misogyny, she decided to paint portraits of 100 women as both a protest and a celebration. Read more


The National Gallery of Canada quietly put one of its two Marc Chagall paintings up for auction in New York. The news has sparked a full-on national controversy. Read more

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A top craft prize, the Saidye Bronfman Award, lets the Regina ceramicist pilot his clay vessels through the breach between art and craft at Canada's top gallery. Read more


India, like Canada, has hundreds of Indigenous communities that may lack material wealth but are rich in stories and visual creativity. Read more

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Margaret Nazon’s beadwork, on view in Yellowknife, pulls heaven and earth together. Read more


It’s not quite daggers at dawn. But Galleries West consulting editor Jeffrey Spalding takes umbrage at the “relentless vitriol” of British art critic Jonathan Jones in this spirited defence of Canadian artist David Milne. Read more

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Calgary artist Mark Dicey prepares for a major hometown show at the Nickle Galleries that reflects on his many interests – from painting and collage to installation and performance. Read more

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It's obvious that Caroline Stanley's nature paintings are based on photographs. Read more


Joe Fafard wants everyone to know that, despite turning 75 on Sept. 2, he plans to continue making art for many years to come Read more


Saskatchewan artist Ward Schell often paints fallen logs on the forest floor. Now he is dealing with his own failing limb -- the arm he paints with -- as a result of multiple sclerosis. Read more

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Chris Cran, "Orange Woman" (Chorus Series 13.5)

Courtesy of the artist and TrepanierBaer

Senior Calgary artist Chris Cran has achieved a remarkable and unique career milestone. The National Gallery of Canada and the Art Gallery of Alberta have come together to organize a 40-year survey of his art for display in Edmonton and Ottawa. Read more

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