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Growing up west of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, I have always had a love for horses and the raw beauty of the Rocky Mountains.  This passion has been the subject of my art.   Wherever you look in Alberta, the true western spirit is asking to be painted.  On horseback, I have ridden many of the high Rocky Mountain trails with great experiences, from tenting in frost as thick as snow to luxury cabins with showers and running water.  It is sharing this exhilarating feeling of unbridled freedom that I transcend from brush, to canvas, to viewer.  For the fourth time, we toured back to the wonderful Northern Arctic.  We were fortunate to have the opportunity to closely view northern animals and it was a privilege associating with the native peoples.  

Our country is truly a world of adventure and freedom waited to be painted.  My artwork captures the spirit of a subject and provides the viewer with more than just a visual snapshot of time ~ as there should be no end to your "outback" experience on canvas.

I am an Associate Member of Oil Painters of America, and have always favored the Southwest artists like Jason Rich, Harley Brown and  Jack King, and more recently Dwayne Harty.   I  also enjoy the work of Carl Rungius and Charlie Russell.  

Contact info:

                          Phone 403 227-5798

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