The Sampson-Matthews Collection

Artists deconstruct the Canadian flag as part of an exhibition, "Felled Trees," at Canada House in London. Read more


"ART FOR WAR AND PEACE," a history of the Sampson-Matthews silkscreen prints by Ian Sigvaldason and Scott Steedman, and published by Read Leaf Press, has won the Benjamin Franklin gold seal award in the Art/Photography category. Read more


"Mist Fantasy"

Photo: Trevor Mills.

You might doubt that Douglas Coupland – The. Ultimate. Arbiter. Of. Cultural. Cool. – would be interested in an almost-forgotten series of fusty landscape prints that once populated Canadian schools, government offices and military bases. Read more


It was one of the largest public art projects in Canadian history. Between 1942 and 1963, a series of more than 100 silkscreen prints by 54 of the country’s top artists – including members of the Group of Seven and their associates. Read more


Unseen Silkscreens is a unique historical collection of prints initiated by the Sampson-Matthews graphic arts company in the midst of war. Read more

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