4 July 2017

04 July 2017

Galleries West Digital

Vol 2 No 14   ISSN 2561-3316

Editor: Portia Priegert

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From the Editor

Maria Hupfield’s practice lies less in the inequities of Indigenous identity in the 21st century – though it is about that – than in the more critical experience of human connection. Read more


A Canada 150 project is taking a rotating roster of artists on a 150-day voyage of discovery from Toronto to Victoria through the Northwest Passage. Read more


A solo show at the Vancouver Art Gallery by Elad Lassry, an Israeli artist based in Los Angeles, challenges perceptions of what photography can be. Read more


Adrian Stimson digs a trench to pay homage to the often-overlooked stories of thousands of Indigenous soldiers in the First World War. Read more


Alberta artist Paddy Lamb studied history at Trinity College in Dublin as a young man, and his love of the past has never left him. Read more


Vancouver sculptor David Robinson is interested in the human body. Read more