Brandy Saturley

Brandy Saturley - Dryden Mask

The Art of Brandy Saturley at Canada's Sports Hall of Fame

This Victoria-born artist paints contemporary, imagined landscapes and reflections on Canadian stereotype and pop culture. Her work has been exhibited in Canada, the USA and France. August 2012 marked the beginning of a limited engagement with Canada's Sports Hall of Fame in Calgary, where her homage piece to hockey great Ken Dryden will be on display.

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Brandy Saturley is an archiver of things, guerilla photographer and zealous painter. Her childhood was spent somewhere between squatting hippies, fishermen and First Nations cultures. Self taught at an early age, she spent time cartooning, drawing portraits, mazes and abstract shapes. In 1992, she attended the Victoria Motion Picture school and studied the art of feature film production. After working in the film industry for a couple years she returned to her arts education at college, studying art history and visual arts where she fell in love with the vibrancy and immediacy of the painted medium. In the years following, she immersed herself in her art practice in and out of the studio, including traveling to, photographing and studying the Mayan pyramid sites in Mexico, the Coachella Valley & Joshua Tree, Grand Canyon, the Canadian Rocky Mountains, the island of Maui and New York City. 

In 2007 her art practice, through support from patrons, went from part-time to full-time allowing Brandy to fully immerse herself in studio work day and night. Over the years Brandy has developed a style recognized by it's vibrant palette and curved lines. Painting surreal landscapes with figurative elements, often inspired by nature, pop culture and music, she can often be heard blasting The Beatles or White Stripes from her 4th floor studio. In the past five years, she has exhibited in various private galleries, as well as artist run centers in Canada and the US. Her work appears in corporate, public and private collections in Canada, the US and France.

In 2010 Brandy was awarded a prestigious finalist position at the SCOPE Miami Art Fair, Juried by Elisabeth Sussman, Senior Curator, The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York and Jarrett Gregory, Curatory of Contemporary Art, The New Museum, New York.

In Fall 2012 her popular painting of Ken Dryden's hockey mask on the Canadian flag will appear in a limited engagement at the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame in Calgary, Canada. Her work will also appear in the 2013 Canadian Tire Jumpstart Calendar, featuring her portraits of Canadian athletes; Maryeve Dufault, Hayley Wickenheiser and Austin Hinchey.

Brandy's work has also been featured in Art Avenue Magazine, Canmore Leader News, Monday Magazine, A-Channel News, CHEK 6 Island 30, CityTV Vancouver, Visual Overture Magazine, A Portrait of the Visual Arts in Canada and reviewed by Agora Gallery New York.

Artist Statement

I paint because it gives me a voice. I discovered as a child the easiest way for me to communicate with others was through my art, it has always been the ice-breaker in beginning a dialogue with someone I have yet to meet. I believe that Art is truly successful when it gives one pause and imaginatively seduces you into a new way of relating to the world, so that you study things more carefully and think about how things are affecting you. This series I am currently working on, 'Iconic,' is my comment on themes of Canadian stereotype and pop culture, it is my love letter to Canada.

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