Jane Ash Poitras

Alberta show celebrates contributions by female artists in the 1980s. Read more


Over the next two months, billboards across Canada will feature art by Indigenous women. This vast linear gallery, with unprecedented visibility for women’s stories, is an act of cultural reconciliation. Read more


It will be two honourary degrees, not just one, in June for internationally acclaimed visual artist and lecturer Jane Ash Poitras. Read more


In her recent book "Cultural Memories and Imagined Futures: The Art of Jane Ash Poitras", author Pamela McCallum – through the words of aboriginal artist and curator Shirley Bear – invites viewers to feel the work of Jane Ash Poitras. Read more


Poitras’ most recent show, an exhibition of multimedia, collage-based work is about myriad forms of international shamanism, following on the heels of several other spiritually engaged shows produced by the internationally-acclaimed artist. Read more


  • "Entering the Ceremonial Sand Circle"

    Jane Ash Poitras, "Entering the Ceremonial Sand Circle", mixed media on panel, 16" x 24"

  • "Sleeping Giant"

    Jane Ash Poitras, "Sleeping Giant", mixed media on canvas, 24" x 16"

  • "Northern Abstraction"

    Jane Ash Poitras, "Northern Abstraction", mixed media on canvas, 20" x 30"