Lisa Baldissera

Remarkable things to remember in a year of economic anxiety. Read more

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Lisa Baldissera has been appointed director of Griffin Art Projects. Read more


Ms. Baldissera brings more than fifteen years of experience working at art institutions and museums, having produced over fifty exhibitions of contemporary and modern art over the course of her career. Read more



Photo Barb Parchman.

"Feed" by Mindy Yan Miller is one of the most ambitious and impressive installations I have encountered in many years. Read more

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"Sharpie (detail)"

Courtesy of the artist and Lehmann Maupin Gallery, New York.

An ecological metaphor of fluxing ideals pulls viewers into the plastic world of "Rewilding Modernity," curated by the Mendel Art Gallery’s chief curator, Lisa Baldissera. Read more


Catherine Crowston has been appointed executive director of the Art Gallery of Alberta in Edmonton. At the Mendel Gallery, soon to be renamed the Remai Art Gallery of Saskatchewan, Lisa Baldissera was recently appointed chief curator. Read more


The Mendel Art Gallery is pleased to announce that Lisa Baldissera, a London, UK-based independent curator and writer, has accepted the position of Chief Curator, effective August 6, 2012. Read more