Robert Florian

Robert Florian portrait

After years of honing his skills and techniques as an Artist, Robert Florian recently turned his artistic eye towards the landscapes surrounding him in Western Canada. Florian’s keen eye for observation and his innate sense of design are key elements in producing his vivid works of art. His interpretations of Western Canada’s beautiful landscapes are both bold and expressive. Florian views the surrounding land as abstractions within themselves, and by using quick, spontaneous brush strokes of strong hues, he pushes his depictions into expressive canvases which still make sense to the viewer.

Born and raised in Vancouver, B.C., Robert finds himself extremely close and in tune with the land surrounding him. His professional career as an Artist began in the early nineties, and continues to flourish following a string of successful one-man exhibitions in various galleries in Western Canada. Robert continues to seek out new areas of the Province to depict in his art. Always pushing his work to new heights, he attracts the attention of those who view his dynamic paintings of the rugged beauty that surrounds us. His work can be found in many corporate and private collections here in Canada as well as many other parts of the world.

Represented by:

Artworks Gallery

225 Smithe St.,Vancouver, B.C.

(604) 877 - 3301

Winchester Galleries

2260 Oak Bay Ave.,Victoria, B.C.

(250) 595-2777

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