West Vancouver Art Museum

Early photographs by one of Vancouver’s best-known artists document life at an American diner. Read more


West Vancouver Art Museum celebrates the late architect’s Modernist legacy. Read more


The West Vancouver Art Museum has hired Hilary Letwin as assistant curator. Read more


Ann Kipling, "Head," 1967

Trevor Mills, Vancouver Art Gallery

Ann Kipling, now in her 80s, is known for her steadfast dedication to drawing. But she didn’t start out with this singular focus. Read more


Peter Aspell was among a core group of influential artists who challenged conventions in post-war Vancouver. Unlike many of his contemporaries, who were involved in nature-based abstraction, Aspell chose the figure as his main subject. Read more


"The Bureaucrat"

Courtesy the artist and Equinox Gallery

Context is everything when looking at art. Where an artwork is exhibited, what it is shown with, and how it is displayed directly affect its interpretation. Sonny Assu’s new installation at the West Vancouver Museum centers on this connection. Read more