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CALENDAR FEATURE -- one of the most powerful and popular tools on the website

  • The calendar is presented to the viewer at several locations throughout the site and selected exhibitions may appear in our biweekly newsletter.
  • Exhibitions can be selected by date, by geographic area, or by keyword.
  • Exhibitions are summarized and linked as part of the exhibiting gallery listing and location information.

Galleries are encouraged to post their exhibition details directly.


  1. For future reference, there is a SUBMIT YOURS button at the bottom of every page.
  2. You can also click on SUBMIT YOURS here and complete the form. But please read the instructions below first.
  3. IMAGES are a very important component and can now be submitted with the text.  (jpg, rgb format) Please be sure to include caption information (artist, "title," date, medium, dimensions) with your submission.
  4. The CATEGORY 'Art & Exhibitions' is at the top of the list and is appropriate for most submissions..
  5. Most gallery names and contact information are already entered into the Galleries West system. As you type, the complete gallery name should appear in the VENUE box. Just click on it when it appears. No need to re-enter the name.
  6. If the gallery name is not recognized by the system, you may enter a new name but be sure to include complete contact information for the venue, particularly the URL, so it can be described correctly on the site.
  7. It is important to include complete, detailed information about the exhibition and/or the artist in the 'Event Info' box. The input area expands as required. More information is better!
  8. For maximum impact over the duration of the exhibition, be sure to INCLUDE THE END DATE for the exhibition. If you wish, the opening date, artist in attendance, etc. can be included in a separate paragraph within the body text. It will be highlighted.
  9. A 'teaser' description (to encourage the viewer to click on the full listing) will be created automatically from the first 250 characters of the Event Info. It will be edited as required.
  10. For the EVENT NAME, you should choose something that is meaningful on its own (including the artist's name) so the viewer will be encouraged to click for more information.
  11. In the optional URL box it is highly recommended  to show the specific address for the artist's page on the gallery site (or the artist's personal site) where more examples of the artwork may be found with a single click.
  12. CHECK YOUR SUBMISSION CAREFULLY and click on PREVIEW to confirm..
  13. No password is required but, as a security measure, in the final box you must ENTER WORD FROM IMAGE before you SUBMIT EVENT.
  14. All submissions go through an approval process before being published. This normally is completed within 48 hours.
  15. CORRECTIONS or CHANGES must be submitted to