3 January 2017

03 January 2017

Galleries West Digital 

Vol 2 No 1  ISSN 2561-3316

Editor: Portia Priegert

Contributors:  Beverly Cramp, Agnieszka Matejko, Sarah Swan

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More than an aesthetic journey, these intriguing garments – whether Indian saris, Indonesian sarongs, Maori feather cloaks or West African adinkra cloth – also carry cultural knowledge. Read more


Danby was thrilled the realistic, menacing-looking picture had frightened his son: “I knew it was potent.” Read more


Maybe yoga classes can help build audiences for art. Read more


It’s easy to walk past this group show – after all, the entry is almost blocked by boards and stacks of lumber. Visitors may be excused for thinking the show is still being installed or the gallery needed urgent repairs. Read more


Pat O’Hara’s exhibition at the Bau-Xi Gallery in Vancouver is called "Linearity" and it’s easy to see why. Read more

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An exhibit about freedom of expression in Latin America at Winnipeg’s Canadian Museum for Human Rights shows how art is used as a tool of protest. Read more