Corrinne Wolcoski

Corrinne Wolcoski

Wolcoski grew up in the Okanagan but developed a love of the ocean on her many trips to visit her grandparents on Vancouver Island as a child. She moved to Vancouver to attend University and has lived along the West Coast ever since. As a 2003 BFA Graduate of Emily Carr and the past VP for Emily Carr Alumni she keeps herself in tune with the art community. Represented by galleries in Victoria, Whistler, Banff and Jasper and on an exclusive high-end cruise line her work is collected internationally. Her true passion is the West Coast and the pristine beauty she sees along the landscape. Travelling extensively and packing sketchbooks, canvas, painting gear and photo equipment she captures the emotional feel of the landscape and then recreates this back in her large studio at 1000 Parker Street.

Giving back has always been important and since becoming a professional artist she has contributed to; B.C. Cancer Agency, BC Children’s Hospital, Van Blusson Spinal Centre at VGH, BC Children’s Hospital, Canuck Place, BC Variety Club, Victoria Symphony Orchestra and many others. She knows it feels good to make a difference and has recently discovered the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC). It was an incredible feeling for her to align with a group whose purpose is to preserve the very land she depicts in her paintings. This new relationship has changed the way she sees her work and gives it a whole new layer of meaningfulness. She has created a goal for herself to help preserve 1 acre/year.

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