Dina Goldstein

Dina Goldstein

Dina is a conceptual photographer specializing in the creation of visual series that place the mundane and everyday in unusual settings to inspire insight into the human condition.

Her two recent projects are 'Fallen Princesses', 2009 and 'In the Dollhouse', 2011.

'Fallen Princesses' is an ironic look at children’s parables, from Grimm fairy tales to Walt Disney. By placing iconic characters such as Little Red Riding Hood or Snow White in modern situations, the series became a commentary on such everyday scourges as poverty, obesity, cancer and pollution.

'In the Dollhouse' is a series that plays out as a narrative, peeking into the home and marriage of the world’s most iconic dolls, Barbie, and her partner Ken. It offers a profound commentary on the transient nature of beauty, the difficulty of marriage and the importance of authenticity.

These works have been recognized for their metaphorical and ironical messages, which transcends cultural borders and have sparked much conversation and accolades from academics, editors and bloggers around the world.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Goldstein lives with her filmmaker husband and their two lovely young girls.

Courtesy Kimoto Gallery, Vancouver

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