John K. Grande

Billed as a transcontinental journey through the country’s alpine vistas, this show invites the public to see mountains through the eyes of some of Canada's greatest artists. Read more

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Gordon Smith’s fifth exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery marks a full-circle return to the days of his youth. Read more


"Canoe People" and "Kimono Spirit Catching Thunderbird"

Photo: Ken Turner.

Richard Watts’ art exists at a strange confluence. The processes he uses break with traditional approaches to sculpture, and yet his art is a call to reconnect to the tactile world, to nature and to an increasingly threatened ecosystem. Read more


"Pompéii MMXII"

Sebastien Lapointe

Meticulous in the way she fills real physical space with bold scenic projections, Montreal artist Dominique Pétrin delights in compressing patterns and designs so they vibrate and clash with each other. Read more


In his new book, John K. Grande interviews artists around the world who work in and with nature. It’s time, he says, for contemporary art to reconcile with the natural world. Read more