Legacy Art Gallery

Elizabeth Yeend Duer slipped between two identities – an Englishwoman and a Japanese painter – during Victoria’s war years. Read more

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An exhibition at the University of Victoria’s downtown Legacy Art Gallery gives voice to a community that faces prejudice and violence. Read more


Ellen Neel’s show at the University of Victoria’s Legacy Gallery has a provocative subtitle: "The First Woman Totem Pole Carver." Read more


"The Hot Line"

UVic Special Collections, Robin Skelton fonds, SC114 Acc.#1991-093, 1.1

In "Making a Scene: Victoria’s Artists in the Sixties", curator Emerald Johnstone-Bedell demonstrates the spontaneous activity and networks that brought contemporary art to the forefront in the British Columbia capital. Read more


This exhibition combines two threads of inspiration. One focuses on Mary Kerr’s designs for costumes, props and stage design for Copper Thunderbird, a play about the life and paintings of Ojibwa artist Norval Morrisseau. Read more