Peripatetic Publisher

Among the presenters at MagNet2016 was the engaging Sree Sreenivasan, a long-time professor at Columbia University and former chief digital officer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Read more


John Clark, "The Wheel" 1986

Courtesy of the Clark Estate

Close to home, I caught up with Jeffrey Spalding Artistic Director of Contemporary Calgary and asked him to comment on his summer exhibition at C2: “John Clark: a Tribute” as it nears the end of its run on Sunday, August 31. Read more


Art Bank Exhibition Hall 1

Photo by Brandon Clarida, courtesy Canad Council for the Arts

There I was with a planned Wednesday (June 11, 2014) only in Ottawa when serendipity struck in the form of an email advising that "The Canada Council for the Arts will launch its new exhibition hall on Monday, June 16..." Read more


Toured the Fine Art Fair on Saturday. In its third year, it claimed 55 galleries from 33 cities. Galleries from France, Korea, Argentina, the UK, Belgium and, yes, Canada gave it some international flavour. Read more


A visit to Brisbane wouldn't be complete without touring the Gallery of Modern Art. Read more


"The Ski Patroller"

Courtesy Heffel Fine Arts Auction

Hugette de Montagny was the subject of a portrait painting called "The Ski Patroller' by E. H. Holgate which was sold at auction in May 2011 and reported in the Fall/Winter 2011 issue of "Galleries West". Read more