Adad Hannah, "An Arrangement (Polka Dot Case Study) 2," 2016

Image courtesy of Equinox Gallery, Vancouver

A gymnast hurls herself through the air, curling, unfurling, and lands back standing. Each of the 16 frames of "Adad Hannah’s After Muybridge: Front Flip" represents a fraction of a second. The likeness to Eadweard Muybridge’s sequences seems obvious Read more


Colleen Heslin, “Needles and Pins,” 2016, installation at Esker Foundation

John Dean

There’s a push and pull in Colleen Heslin’s quilt-like paintings, a pull to examine the undulating dyes and the rolling seams that stitch together second-hand fabrics used as surface and support. Read more


"Arctic Adaptations: Nunavut at 15"

Photo: Greg Gerla

Many Canadians take pride in the Arctic yet few folks ever travel there. Similarly, many art world followers celebrate the Venice Biennale but don’t attend or experience the work. Read more


Several of the paintings contain body parts. "Model Model" is a delicate rendering of a torso turned clothes hanger, while the arms in "Feely Touchy" convey a beguiling mix of humour and anger. Read more


France Trépanier, "Offerings/Offrandes", 2016, wood, fabric, photographs and video projections, installation detail

Photo: Adrian Paradis

"Offerings" at Open Space in Victoria was sparked by a project France Trépanier, an artist of Kanien’kéha:ka and French ancestry, undertook during a 2005 residency at the Banff Centre. Read more


Shan Kelley, "Disclosures VI", 2013, print and needle perforated parchment, 38” × 35”

Photo: Adam Waldron-Blain

But for Montreal-based artist Shan Kelley, who was diagnosed with HIV in 2009, mere guilt won’t suffice. Read more


Valérie Blass, "To reside elsewhere" (detail), 2015

Image courtesy of Catriona Jeffries, Vancouver Photo: SITE Photography

As if caught in a moment of suspended animation, "High-up," dignitary, panjandrum, high muckamuck, a mural-sized print, appears to be bursting apart. Read more


José Luis Torres, Landscape, 2015, installation view (detail)

Photo: Dan Sokolowski

Québec City artist José Luis Torres’ exhibition "Landscape" offers subtle conceptual readings of Dawson City’s setting and character. It also marks a strategic move to intimate object-based arrangements... Read more


"Nineteen Ten Remembered"

Image courtesy of Heffel Fine Art

After an “incredible, amazing” auction season in New York, it seemed the “world economy” was just fine. The major Canadian auctions, taking place in Toronto at the end of November, hoped this wave of optimism would carry over. Read more


As the exhibition title suggests, Dean Drever does not leave much middle ground in his exploration of the power of symbols in the struggle for power. His exhibition is black and white in both the literal and figurative sense. Read more


Kristi Malakoff, "Stardust"

PHOTO: Courtesy of the artist

"On the Nature of Things", Kamloops Art Gallery, October 15 - December 31, 2011 Read more


"The Ski Patroller"

Courtesy Heffel Fine Arts Auction

With auction sales in the larger markets of London, New York and Hong Kong hitting huge highs, our Canadian market sometimes pales in comparison. Still, Canadian art is attracting a larger audience and higher values at auctions across the country. Read more


Born in 1939 in Saltcoats, Saskatchewan, Robert Sinclair hails from a generation of artists who, with the western landscape in mind, sought to bring fresh new perspectives. Read more