Shaun Dagan Gamache

Shaun Gamache "Contemplating Nothing"



Alberta College of Art and Design (now AUA)

1995-1999  Majored in Painting


“Shaun Gamache: Copywrite 2015”          2015

Available online, for sale, and in the AUA library

  • 445 pages of art and stories of my life
  • The art is a mystical journey of my waking up process
  • A record of my life's work from 1999 to 2015

“Journey into the Abyss”

  • Available on my website

“Stepping into Compassion”

  • Available on my website


Born and raised in Calgary, I went to The Alberta College Of Art and Design (ACAD) now Alberta University of the Arts (AUA) in the late 90's. I had a psychotic break in 2004 and have been trying to make sense of my world ever since.

Living with a mental disability, I have learned that to change the world I must change myself. This adaptation comes through in my art. I paint automatic self-portrait paintings, exploring my journey. I share my faces painted to share with the world a part of myself and my lived experience with Schizophrenia. By exploring the paradoxes of the real much of my work looks Abstract Expressionist or Action painting with the larger scale works.

I work fast. However, when they are done, I am always looking for the image. In fact, there are always multiple images depending on who is interpreting them. There is really more than one painting in one.

At one time I would rotate the painting and another fully complete objective painting would emerge. Some can see these, others can not. If you can see a teddy bear in the clouds you can see images in my art. I see through eyes much of the world does not because I experience being human differently than dominant society. My work explores myself, and I share that with the world. It might be egotistical, or it is an exploration of the macrocosm by looking at the microcosm. I must paint and create. It shows me where I am going. I apprenticed to the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path in 1999 and the Rosicrucian Order in 2001. I am now in process of downloading my own wheels and have created an oracle. My art continues to delve into mysticism, shamanism and the metaphysical.


July – Dec 2019   InkUbator Gallery      (Northland Mall)      Calgary AB

November 2019   Rumble House Art Auction   Calgary AB

​November 2019  Art Battle, Live painting competition          Calgary AB

October 2012     Studio C in Art Central, Curated solo show, Shaun Gamache's Self Portraits  Calgary AB

May 2012          Group Self-help show,  Second Cup Kensington Calgary AB

October 2011    Group Self-help show, Second Cup Kensington Calgary AB

 August 2011     Curated Summer Art Show, Marion McGrath Gallery Calgary AB

February 2011   North Mount Pleasant Arts Center Calgary AB

August 2008      Weeds Cafe Calgary AB

December 15, 2007 - Jan 5, 2008 Second Cup - Kensington, Calgary AB

December 2007 - March 2008 Curated Group Show Anne Archers Gallery of Contemporary Art  Calgary AB

 November 3, 2007 “Mad about art”  Live painting performance Federation of Canadian Artists 

September 14, 2007  Curated group show  Fissure Untitled Arts Society Summer 2007   Calgary Fringe Festival   Calgary AB

January - February 2007  "Automatic Painting" solo show  Illuminata Books

February 2007   "Automatic Painting" solo show  TheRoasterie Calgary AB

January – March 2007   Anarchist Group Show (2 pieces) Haymarket Café

1996   Solo show  Java Sharks

1995 - 1999   Other Exhibitions during College  Calgary AB


The why of why I am here is so that humanity can continue to exist on this planet. I have also come to know myself as an artist. I am an automatiste in that I do automatic drawings and paintings. I have done abstract and figurative work. Lately it has been a series of portraits, however they come from my subconscious. I am also working on portraits for others as part of my practice. In my painted faces they are reflections of who I am in my masculine and feminine identities.

If I can say, “I am the Universe”, then everything in the universe has something to do with me. I am a creator and co-creator with everything else in the universe. There is also the world, then there is my world. My world consists of everything I am aware of in my circle of influence.

All other objective things can be part of the world, but don’t have anything to do with me on a subjective level because I am not the one experiencing it. Therefore, everything that happens to me is subjective as it comes through my filters and is interpreted by me. As everything I experience does this how could anything be anything other that subjective that I am experiencing? 

My paintings come from other places yet are still channelled through me to become physical on a piece of paper or in a painting. I am bringing fifth dimension, the dream time, into third dimension, the artwork. This is the work of the automatiste. To do without doing. To step into no mind. Simply be.

Therefore, my faces become a reflection of myself as I am interpreting my dream on a piece of paper of canvas. In my abstract work I see images in the work. It starts as an abstract expressionist piece, the as I view the painting, it become for me and objective image. Some only see colour field, and that is fine. One the piece has left me and is given to the public it is up to them to find their own subjective reality.

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