Stephen Lowe Art Gallery

Constance Bachmann first saw the aesthetic potential of animals in the sleek contours of the greyhounds that strolled the Beaches boardwalk in Toronto a decade ago. Read more

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Born in Trois-Rivières in 1950, landscape painter Normand Boisvert is a self-taught artist who has staked a name for himself as a keeper of quintessential Quebec. Read more

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Water fascinates nature artist Andrew Kiss, particularly the challenge of capturing the essence of such a changing subject. Read more


Trying to capture a moment or memory, such as dawn in a fog-laden forest, is the task that landscape artist Susan Woolgar has set for herself. Read more


Broad brush strokes combined with thin, elegant, calligraphy-like lines fill the canvases William Allister prepares for his upcoming show in October, called "Zenscapes." Read more


Keith C. Smith (1924 - 2000) came to his professional painting career late in life, achieving significant success in just over a decade. Read more